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The cult of nature

The second island of the Mediterranean, Sardinia reveals landscapes of a fascinating solitude: the high granite hills of Gennargentu, homeland of mouflons and wild peony, the karst plateaus of Supramonte cut with gorges and pierced with chasms, the Gulf of Orosei and its coves of white sand, the forests of oaks and evergreen junipers. In spring, the Mediterranean garrigue offers a thousand colourful flowers to its visitors. It is also a true open-air museum where the remains of the Nuragic civilization abound.

You will like

  • The most beautiful walks between sea and mountain
  • Many remains of the Nuragic civilization
  • Welcome and comfort of accommodation
  • Three nights by the sea at the end of your stay
  • GPS tracks available
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Sardinia self-guided

From 580 €

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Hike details

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Dates & prices


From April 1 to October 31, 2023

1st to 5/04 and 1st to 31/10/2023
650€ /pers. in room for 2 persons
580€ /pers. for 3 to 4 people
Supplement single room 220€

From 11/04 to 14/07 and from 17/09 to 30/09
730€ /pers. in room for 2 persons
660€ /pers. for 3 to 4 people
Supplement single room 240€

From 06/04 to 10/04, from 15/07 to 28/07 and from 27/08 to 16/09
820€ /pers. in room for 2 people
750€ /pers. for 3 to 4 persons
Supplement single room 290€

From 29/07 to 26/08
920€ /pers. in a 2-person room
790€ /pers. for 3 to 4 persons
Supplement single room 320€

For all dates, supplement only one participant: 180 €

Available options:

  • Single room (mandatory for single persons)
  • Extra night in Cagliari + breakfast, hotel *** (all year round):
    • 65€ /pers. in room of 2, 60€ /pers. in room of 3, 95€ /pers. in single room


The fares indicated are subject to change depending on flight availability.

Secure payment
Secure payment

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Accommodation in hotels*** and/or agritourism at night and breakfast;
The rental of a vehicle;
Accommodation and tourist taxes;
The Logbook, 1 copy per registration file.

Does not include:

The transfer of day 7 for the hike of Monte Oro (about 8€/ pers.);
The air conditioning supplement in some accommodation;
Lunches and dinners;
Drinks and personal expenses;
The visits;
The tourist tax;

The tariff refers to the meeting point to the dispersion point.

L’itinéraire jour après jour...

Day 1

Arrival at the airport of Cagliari, Olbia or Alghero, then recovery of the rental vehicle. Departure for Lake Gusana (between Gavoi and Fonni), in the center of the island. Installation for 2 nights at your accommodation.
Night + breakfast in hotel or farm

Day 2

Two hikes are offered: the first in the Gennargentu and the second in the beginning of Supramonte with short transfers by vehicle from Lake Gusana.
- Punta la Marmora: panoramic hike on the ridges up to the peak of Sardinia at 1834m. 
Night + breakfast in hotel or farm
14.5km/ 5.30am walk/ altitude difference: + 610 m; - 610 m.

- Monte Novo san Giovanni: In the Supramonte d'Orgosolo, a forest trail leads to the rocky citadel, which a trail leads from behind. Landmark of the fire-fighting stands at 1316 m altitude, the arrival at the summit is exceptional and the point of view magical.
Night + breakfast in hotel or farm
7.5km/ 3h walk/ altitude difference: + 300 m; - 300 m

After your hike, we also invite you to visit the cities of Fonni and Orgosolo and discover the "murals", wall paintings relating the life of the village of yesteryear.

Day 3

Drive to Oliena then Dorgali and the Fiumineddu River. In the evening, stay in a hotel *** in the Dorgali countryside for 2 nights. Hiking in Tiscali: through the wide Doloverde canyon, arriving in the Lanaittu valley. A route allows to climb on Mount Tiscali. Discovery of the secret doline in which are hidden the remains of a nuragic village-refuge. Free visit of the classified site. 
Overnight + breakfast in hotel ***
8 to 11km/ 4 to 5h walk/ altitude difference: + 500 to 675 m; -500 to 675 m

Day 4

Direction Oliena puis Dorgali et la rivière Fiumineddu. Le soir, séjournez dans un hôtel *** dans la campagne de Dorgali pour 2 nuits. Randonnées à Tiscali : à travers le large canyon du Doloverde, en arrivant dans la vallée de Lanaittu. Un itinéraire permet de grimper sur le mont Tiscali. Découverte de la doline secrète dans laquelle sont cachés les restes d’un village-refuge nuragique. Visite libre du site classé. 
Nuit + petit déjeuner à l’hôtel ***
8 à 11km / 4 à 5h de marche / différence d’altitude : + 500 à 675 m; -500 à 675 m

Day 5

Short transfer by vehicle in the Fiumineddu valley. Gorropu Gorge: the deepest canyon in Europe with limestone walls close to 500 m high. Among the blocks worn by the waters and the oleanders, the course penetrates inside the walls of grey and orange stones at the narrowest place. 
Archaeological remains from the Stone Age (Domus de Janas) on a free visit. In the late afternoon, transfer by the scenic and tourist route from Oriental Sarda to Santa Maria Navarrese. 
Overnight + breakfast in hotel ***
13km/ 4h30 to 5h30 walk/ altitude difference: +220 m; - 220 m

Day 6

Cala Goloritze: route from the mountain (altipiano du Golgo) to the sea. Discovery of the natural monuments of Ogliastra including the chasm Su Sterru. Access to the ridges on the Gulf of Orosei, then descent to the cove Cala Goloritze by the path of "Carbonai". 
Overnight + breakfast in hotel ***
10km/ 4 h walk/ climb: + 530 m - 530 m

Day 7

2 hikes to choose from are offered from Santa Maria Navarrese.
- Monte Oro and coastal path of Pedra Longa: after a short transfer by your hotelier, climb to this summit that dominates the plain of Arbatax and the hinterland of Ogliastra. The panorama is guaranteed. The return is by the coastal path from Pedra Longa to Santa Maria. 
Overnight + breakfast in hotel ***
11km/ 5 to 6h walk/ altitude difference: + 375m; - 760m

- Pedra Longa Coastal Trail: A beautiful trail that runs along a rugged coastline and leads to the rocky needle of Pedra Longa that marks the passage of the 40th parallel. Back/Forth. 
Overnight + breakfast in hotel ***
10km/ 4h walk/ altitude difference: +400m; -400m

Day 8

After breakfast return to the airport of Cagliari, Olbia or Alghero (about 3h drive). Return of the rental car and end of stay.

The program was established based on the last elements known at the time of its writing; imponderables are always possible and situations beyond our control can change the way it is run.

The trip


Altitude difference: + / - 300 to 700 m on average per day.
Walking time: from 3:00 to 5:30 on average per day.
Type of hiking: usually stony trail, in the middle of a vegetation. 
This trip was made in collaboration with our local partners, who like us are committed to creating an authentic stay for you.


In hotels*** or in agrotourism according to availability. Most often the ranking *** in Italy corresponds to a ranking ** in France.


Overnight travel and breakfast. For lunch, you can refuel at certain stages thanks to the small local shops present in Fonni, Oliena, Dorgali and Santa Maria Navarrese. For dinners, the hotels offer very good maps, but you will also have plenty of time to discover the restaurants of each stage.


Additional night(s) in hotel *** in Cagliari, please contact us.


Temperate Mediterranean, sometimes hot in summer, but without making the stay overwhelming. The water temperature is pleasant for swimming in the sea from the middle of spring until autumn. Winds marked to the west and at altitude.

Practical information

Equipment & baggage


For hiking: for maximum comfort, prefer a «multi-layer» clothing system: underwear (tights + swimwear) type "carline" or "capilene" (hollow fibers evacuating perspiration) + waterproof and breathable jacket or fleece jacket + mountain jacket and overpantalon for bad weather.
In general and outside hot countries, avoid cotton that retains moisture near the body (and dries hard) in favor of suitable synthetic materials.

  • Canvas pants - shorts - T-shirts
  • 6-7 pairs of hiking socks
  • 1 rain cape or small umbrella
  • 1 sun hat, the ideal being a Saharan type cap with visor and neck protection
  • 1 scarf to protect yourself from the sun and/ or the wind
  • 1 cap and 1 pair of gloves, depending on the season and altitude always have them at the bottom of the bag

For the step:

  • change of clothes and comfortable shoes
  • balls "Earplugs" or earplugs "Ear"
  • minimum toiletries + towel
  • swimsuit

The clothing list must be adapted to the season and region chosen.

Miscellaneous equipment


For the hike:

  • 1 pair of hiking shoes (with waterproof and breathable membrane, type «gore tex» or equivalent) in which you are well! You have to «break» new shoes before going on a hike wearing them a few weeks before to avoid the inconvenience of blisters and warm-ups...
  • 1 (or 2) pair of sunglasses with a minimum of 3
  • 1 large sturdy plastic bag to wrap clothes and stuff in the backpack (in case of heavy rain)
  • 1 bottle preferably isothermal of 1 L minimum. Drinking is essential when hiking, 2 gourdes from 1 to 1.5 L will not be luxury in summer and/or in dry and hot regions
  • 1 folding knife type swiss knife + cutlery + cup
  • 1 bowl type tupperware with lid for picnics
  • toilet paper, tissue paper
  • 1 pair of telescopic sticks, optional, but they are used to balance and lighten the weight of the body while descending, and help during the climb by rhythming the walk and in addition to pushing
  • 1 pocket to hold your papers and values: passport or identity card, insurance contract, health card, vaccination certificate, plane tickets, train tickets, credit card, money...
  • 1 small personal pharmacy (non-exhaustive list to be adapted according to your own medical needs): pre-cut sterile dressings, local antiseptic for external use (wounds), Elastoplasty and/or double skin (ampoules), Paracetamol analgesic type, Antidiarrheal and intestinal antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Antihistamine (allergies), physiological serum or eye drops, light sleeping pill, high protection sunscreen for the skin and lips, Biaffine type moisturizer (sunburn and burns), cream or antimoustic spray, Arnica Montana in pellets 9 CH (soreness)...

For the step:

  • 1 pair of light sandals.


  • 1 backpack from 35 to 40 L with airy back, adjustable and equipped with a belly belt, which can contain the food of the day, the canteen, a protective clothing, the camera...

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