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Hiking in the winter

The snow does not stop us from walking across the mountains, on the contrary it gives us an all new playground ! 

Equiped with snowshoes or skis, far from the noises of ski lifts, the mountain becomes more secret and mysterious. No marked paths here, we make everyday our own tracks in the white powder !

Rediscover the mountain in a wilder way, safely, with our hikes adapted to all levels ! 

Tour of Mont-Blanc

Great adventure or initiatory journey, the Tour of Mont-Blanc is THE hike of the Alps.

Several options are possible for this itinerary: guided, self-guided, variety of accommodation, baggage transfer, duration, physical level... Just pick those that suit you !

The tour of Mont-Blanc, what next?

Already done the tour of Mont-Blanc? Or not...

The Alps offer many other ranges to discover and as stunning: Gran Paradiso, Vanoise, Matterhorn, Dolomites... Territories that might be even more surprising!

Self-guided hikes

Self-guided tours: hike with who you want, whenever you want, without worrying about logistic, everything is planned for you.

With your map and roadbook, you can hike independently and your mind free!

Your trek on demand

A specific will of journey? In France, in Europe or elsewhere... Let us help with your project.

Mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, coasts, islands or snow... Guided or self-guided, express your ideas and thoughts, we'll make your trip come true!

Altitude Mont-Blanc is taking care of your project!

Within a group, let our mountain leaders drive you. Through the trails, they are sharing their knowledge and passion on their favourite playground! Led by the group atmosphere, enjoy a relaxed hike, full of encounters.

More independent? With family or friends, go self-guided, we are taking care of all logistic and give you everything to go on your own.

More "à la carte"? We are sharing our knowledge on travels and mountain to organise your ideal personnalised journey.

While waiting to meet, get to know our team with our carrousel !

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